What is ACO Reach?


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center, also known as CMMI, develops and tests new healthcare payment and service delivery models to improve patient care, lower healthcare costs and better align payment systems to promote patient-centered practices. The ACO REACH Model is the newest iteration of advanced alternative payment models, built on years of innovative program design. An ACO is comprised of health care professionals who share a common set of goals aimed at improving the quality, cost and experience of care through program enhancements, more coordinated care and better management of chronic diseases while maintaining all original Medicare benefits for traditional fee-for-service beneficiaries. This program is also committed to strengthening the patient-provider relationship through empowering Medicare beneficiaries to choose the health care providers with whom they want to have a care relationship.

The ACO REACH Model is structured to move us closer to achieving the Quadruple Aim of improving population health, reducing the cost of care, enhancing the patient experience and protecting the care-team’s well-being.
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The Model’s goals are to:

  • Transform risk-sharing arrangements in Medicare FFS by offering both capitated and partially capitated population-based payments that move away from traditional FFS.
  • Empower beneficiaries to engage in their health care through voluntary alignment and potential benefit enhancements and beneficiary engagement incentives. 
  • Reduce provider burden to meet health care needs effectively, through for example, a smaller set of core quality measures.

Compared to other initiatives, this model focuses more on outcomes and beneficiary experience than on process and empowers providers to focus on what is most important: spending time with patients.

At PraxisCare, we nurture a culture of independence and autonomy for both our patients and our providers. We empower our patients to seek care as individual as they are, and we invite you to seek a care delivery environment that empowers you to provide care as individual as you are.

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